Vacation Alert! The kitchen will be closed until July 13th. We are looking forward to filling your orders when we return!


"Oh my! The Bourbon Chocolate Pecan Pie is to die for! My husband said it's the best pie he has ever had." --Ria S.

"I had these bourbon balls on vacation, and they're all amazing! I have had bourbon balls before, and never got excited about them. But these are definitely something worth seeking out - they're delicious!" --Beau L.

"These ladies make the perfect bourbon ball! I shared a box with friends and family and everyone loved them. If you haven’t tried a bourbon ball before, be prepared to fall in love!" --Emily F.

"The bourbon balls are absolutely delicious!! You can taste the bourbon, but it’s not so much that it burns—just the right amount. I can’t recommend these enough!" --Jessica L.

"Absolutely awesome product. I will be getting more!!!! Thank you so much." --Suzanne E.